At the HAVEN law offices we know when a situation
demands tact, and when it needs momentum.

We are not intimidated by major assignments from large clients – we have the experience.

Communicating well in Czech, English, and German, we connect easily with foreign clients.

We take pride in our reasonable conditions and flexible cooperation. Clear understandings make good relationships.

Důvěra zavazuje

We aim to be fast without being reckless, thoughtful without being tedious, to achieve the goal sooner rather than later.

We recommend
HAVEN without hesitation to our company’s clients for the most essential cases.

Peter Hradil

We greatly appreciate HAVEN’S participation in raising legal awareness among UGD members in our day-to-day business.

Ing. Milan Sládek

HAVEN, attorneys at law, help us define the relationship with our employees as well as assist us with solving the day-to-day issues of the company.

Jan Kynčl
Statutory Director (CEO)
SynopsIS Technologies a.s.

Issues of the information age

Conducting business on the internet or via smartphone applications, or developing new software is an exciting opportunity.

We appreciate what motivates you, and enjoy participating in new projects to help people find a way through the difficulties of starting up their own business or optimizing their processes.

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Foreign clients

Navigating the Czech legal environment is not easy.

Communicating in Czech, English, and German, we can help you with residency permits, housing and business, property sales or purchases, and marriage or divorce. We can also represent you in legal disputes.

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Dispute resolution

You are frustrated and angry, and we understand, but court hearings are not like the movies.

Representation in court needs correct and expert handling of procedural rules. The most successful strategy for dealing with a counterpart’s claim is prudence, however, the courts are not the only institutions available for resolving a dispute.

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Building a bright future for your business is something we understand and support.

But an attorney needs to be firmly grounded and brutally honest about the potential dangers facing your ventures. Prevention means identifying the problems before they appear. We want those problems to never happen, which is why forewarned is forearmed in all branches of the law.

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Legal support for corporations

At every stage of development, your company has special needs.

We understand this, which is why the key to our services is ensuring that your company’s core documentation is formal and correct, that contractual relationships with business partners or employees are secure, and that you are protected against misappropriation by state authorities.

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Mgr. Andreya Volgová Mgr. Robert Novotný JUDr. Jiří Šmatlák Mgr. Ondřej Huml

Andreya can assist you with setting up the most complex contractual relationship or guide in employment matters related to foreigners working in the Czech Republic.

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Mgr. Andreya

Robert has a lot of experience with litigation, especially with claims of compensation for damages.
He deals mainly with German speaking clients.

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Mgr. Robert

Jiří má bohaté zkušenosti s fúzemi, akvizicemi či restrukturalizacemi pro korporace nebo přímo řízené společnosti. Hovoří česky, německy a anglicky.

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JUDr. Jiří

Ondřej má obchodní talent. Právo využívá pro obchodní smluvy, nemovitosti, insolvence a další transakce. Hovoří česky a anglicky.

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Mgr. Ondřej


Jeseniova 1151/55
130 00  Praha 3
Czech republic

+420 212 246 725

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